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Resident-Evil-Revelations-BadgeResident Evil Revelation was the most anticipated game on the 3DS in 2012.  If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil series and you didn’t own a 3DS, this was the perfect reason to go out there and buy one just so you can play, experience and be scared out of your mind while your travelling to work or lying in bed with the lights turned off!  Revelations certainly pushed the 3DS to its limits with amazing gameplay and superb visuals along with bone chilling music, sound effects.  But what made Resident Evil Revelations was the unbeatable storyline that combined numerous Resident Evil characters such as the legendary Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine all teaming up with their respective partners (Jessica, and Parker) to reach a common goal, all delivered to you in episodic fashion that would recap and remind players what happened in the past chapter keeping them updated every step of the way.

The wait was well worth it in the end as Capcom delivered what is certainly the most impressive title on the 3DS to date.  If you’ve never played a Resident Evil game and own a 3DS, now is the time to start!  And if you own a 3DS and you are fan of the series, Revelations will not disappoint.  It has it all, action, puzzles, monsters, scary moments, more monsters, awesome weapons and gadgets and epic heat pounding moments with original and never before seen enemies and bosses.  Resident Evil Revelations is a must have in your 3DS collection go out there and get it and prepare yourself for the fight of your lives! Philip Federico



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