Bioshock Infinite: New Screenshots Revealed

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If you think February is too long to wait for Irrational Games’ new chapter in the Bioshock series, then we may have something to hold you over.  Four brand new screenshots have been released and should do to whet rabid fans appetites until try can get hands on with this eagerly anticipated game.  For the uninitiated, this marks the third in the franchise and is a drastic change in tone and location for the series.  While the first games, Bioshock and Bioshock 2, took place in the ravaged undersea utopia of Rapture Infinite takes place in a lively and vibrant city in the sky called Columbia. Promising more characters and enemies as well as varied locations for combat and exploration, these new shots only hint at the game’s breadth.

More information can be found at the games official website at and at the developers site


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