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We have  a copy of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale as well as a PlayStation All-Stars T-Shirt (XL Size) to give away courtesy of Sony for PS3

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a crossover fighting video game released in November 20, 2012. The game was developed by SuperBot Entertainment in conjunction with SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita video game consoles”

Check out our review for the game here for more details.



All you have to do to win is to simply answer the following question  : “Which character would you use in All-Stars Battle Royale and WHY? “ leave your answer in the  the comment section below. 

Lucky winners will be drawn at random on the December 23rd, 2012. Good luck to you all!


When you enter please leave a VALID email address so we can notify you if you are the lucky winner.


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Play Hard Or Don’t Play At All

  • I’ll be playing as Parappa the Rapper, why? because he’s so gangsta, kick, punch, kick, punch… he’ll wipe the floor with them other cats! word up

  • As much as I want to say Kratos, I really want to play as Cole. His electro powers have the range and he’s a good melee character. Plus he’s just a cool cat!


  • Justin Gain

    I’d probably play as Raiden. I mean a cybernetic ninja? What could be cooler?


  • Fat princess the name says it all!

  • MagnetoWned

    I’d use Kratos because he’s awesome! God of War is a great series

  • Kratos smply because he’s the most bad a** from the bunch and anyone with the ability to take down Zues is f-in awsome in my book!

  • stealth1004

    I would play as Sly Cooper! Because I’ve played all games and they were all awesome! And because his character seems to be a lot of fun–turning invisible, teleporting, smoke bombs, decoys! I’ll just sneak around and keep getting Supers :]

  • rafi

    a doll that can beat a god? sackboy it is

  • monkeyboy783

    sackboy, cause its gotta hurt to lose to stuffing …

  • JerseyLeoAL

    I will be playin with Kratos because he is the god of war and nobody can mess with that.

  • Aaran Pate

    Parappa the Rapper of course. Who else is going to hand out beat downs while dropping funky fresh lyrics? 🙂

  • Merryl

    Big Daddy, because a drill is always useful. You can repair book shelves, open tin cans, fix toothache, and drill your opponent a new belly button.

  • Kratos. He is the god of war and has weapons for every situation.

  • cerofase1

    i would pick raiden. cant go wrong with robo ninja

  • I would like to play as Toro. I have a weakness to cute cats :3

  • itsjason

    Krotas, no one gets into a fight with Kratos and lives to tell about it.

  • volcombrandon

    i would say sly cooper! always liked him since i was a little kid and he looks like alot of fun to play. thanks for the giveaway

    Twitter: @volcombrandon


  • digbyholic

    Sir Dan. Been waiting for a MediEvil 3!!!!

  • beclacami

    Kratos. He is the ultimate all around fighter. Up close, md range and from afar he can do it all.

  • suikotensei

    Raiden. Watching the vids clearly show he is the best character in the game.

  • Vyss

    i’ll be using Fat Princess since nobody else would. They’ll know why fat people rule the world!!!

  • Tadhana

    Toro. Cats are the best fighters!

  • Etria

    I’ll be using Sweet Tooth, I enjoyed his playstyle from the beta

  • neverdead

    kratos. He has the best skill set.

  • Grace Padaca

    I would be using Sly Cooper. He appears to be a troll character and it will be fun to piss people online!

  • Puss

    My character would be Ratchet. The combinations of guns that he has is very intriguing.

  • Inno

    Nathan Drake. Uncharted is the reason why I have a PS3 so I will do my best to master him!

  • Mahiwaga

    Sackboy, He doesn’t even speak!

  • Thanks for everyone for entering the All-Star Battle Royale competition. We have picked out winner.

    Winner is :


    We’ll be in contact with you shortly. stay tuned for more great competitions coming soon.

  • missyalldat93

    i would use NARIKO! She is fearless and uses the heavenly sword! 🙂 plus shes a girl! 🙂

  • Lolboy123

    Craytos because he is the god of war he’ll obviously win think about it.

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