Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows now available

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Immanitas Entertainment has announced that the digital copy for Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows releases today. Developed by DMD Enterprise, this newly released third-person shooter and real-time strategy title tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising where paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines and rallied a resistance against the Third Reich.

Here are a few features that you can expect to see from the title:

  • Unique mix of fast-paced TPS action and RTS tactics
  • An in-depth, inspiring story based on the greatest civilian uprising of WW II
  • 15 different historically accurate weapons
  • 6 broad levels set in varied historical locations
  • Many different unique and interesting characters
  • Built with Unity3D Pro engine

While the digital release began today, a boxed special edition will become available in Q1 2013 with special extras such as extended gameplay and game optimizations. Until then Uprising 44 can be accessed through three different websites: Desura ($15.99 USD), GamerZ Rebellion ($15.29 USD), or McGame (14,95€).

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