The PlayStation 2 Finally Stops Shipping in Japan

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According to the Japanese website, Famitsu, the PlayStation 2 has stopped shipping in Japan today. The most successful game console so far has finally laid down to rest, let us all take our hats off to it and run to the store to buy a backup for spare repair parts.

The PlayStation 2 has the largest game library of any other console with over 10,000 games, and has sold 150 million console units world wide. Originally released in 2000 as the second console of the 6th generation of game platforms. It was the first game console to be able to play DVDs ,which gave it a step up from the only other 6th generation console out at the time the Sega DreamCast. By the time the other two consoles had come to the market, GameCube and Xbox, the Dreamcast was already dying and the PlayStation 2 was dominating sales.

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