Make Your Own Star Wars Prequel

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One of the Gameological Society’s Play the Year games is the Star Wars: Sequel Debacle Simulatron. Have you ever raged about how you could have put together a better Star Wars movie than the set of movies that shall not be named? Now is your chance to see just how wrong right you were.  Made by Ben Johnson of Babycastles and Joe Kowalski of DoubleFine, this quirky flash game will give you a few laughs.

You can make a few selections of a screen writer, director, and actor from a drop down menu. Then, choose how much of each genre you want in your space opera and finally design your name from the preset combination options. Now watch as the fake cash comes rolling in, you Star Wars savant. In your fantasy, there will be no lore inconsistencies from your movie and the 37th Star Wars novel.

As for me, I have already made an international box office hit by the name of “Star Wars: The Queen of the Princesses”.

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