Kuroko’s Basketball gets a second anime season

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It appears that all of the threat letters and event cancellations surrounding Kuroko’s Basketball (also known as Kuroko no Basuke) aren’t doing anything to limit the manga’s popularity because today it was revealed by Manga News Japon’s Twitter that the next issue of Shonen Jump Next contains a reveal stating that the manga will be getting a second anime season.


Currently it is unknown when the anime will air nor have any actual details about the production studio have been revealed but it is worth noting that the first anime season aired earlier this year and the episodes were streamed on Crunchyroll, and are still available for viewing, but were not licensed by anyone in the West.

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  • Kikyou1

    Glad to hear that im a huge fan of the series. I was realy hoping for it to get a second season.

  • badass


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