Hunter x Hunter Volume 0 free for movie-goers

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Hunter x Hunter fans have reason to be excited as Yoshihiro Togashi has actually drawn some Hunter x Hunter again. The Kurapika back-story chapters which we reported on previously have now been confirmed to be a free gift for attendees seeing the Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge film next month as part of a compiled Volume 0 manga.

The Hunter x Hunter Volume 0 will feature both chapters of the Kurapika back-story mini arc which serves as a prelude to the film. The film itself is based on an alternate reality of the York New arc in which the number 4 spider was never replaced by Hisoka.

What do you think of Hunter x Hunter Volume 0 being given to movie-goers for absolutely free next month in Japan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist

  • killuafan

    Sad thats it is not for usa

  • Will they at least be selling the volume afterwards?? If not I might have to be pathetic and ask my friends to see the movie twice to give me a copy!! (Of course I would pay them back for it!!)

  • Guest

    I have read it and i’m so excited !!

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