Wargame Cup Tournament Announced

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What’s better than playing video games and enjoying a little competition?  Facing the competition with the chance to win some prizes in a tournament.  Steam and Intel have partnered together to host the Wargame Cup, a tournament for Wargame European Escalation, where participants can start winning prizes after winning the first round.  Even better is that the registration is completely free and open to everyone.

Hopeful participants can sign up until November 15th, so that they can via for a chance to win some of the prizes.  Winning your first round gets not only a free PC game download on Steam, but a chance to win an Ultrabook Inspired by Intel.  Later rounds grant chances to win additional games from Steam, more Ultrabooks, and VIP beta access to Wargame AirLand Battle, remember more wins means more chances.

It would be smart to brush up on your Wargame European Escalation, or hope that you play your first round against a total noob.  Players wanting to register can do so from the Wargame European Escalation website HERE.  Good luck to everyone joining in.

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