Skylanders Lost Islands released on iOS

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The Skylanders Giants steamroller continues as Activision announce that Skylanders Lost Islands is now available for download exclusively via the iTunes App Store. With the Mabu in trouble its time for the Skylanders to lend a hand. Lost Islands is a unique blend of character innovation and resource management as players again take on the role of Portal Master to build customised versions of Skylands. Send your Skylanders on on important quests and adventures, facing perilous trolls and pesky enemies in your goal to help the Mabu rebuild their homelands.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is also in full force as a top casual title on iOS, partly in thanks to ACTIVATE, Activisions new mobile gaming service that gives extended online features and services to online gamers as well as providing valuable cloud storage space  for Skylanders figures progression and save games across iOS devices. And if that wasnt enough theres huge things in store for Lost Islands as the Skylanders Giants join the rest of the Skylanders Cloud Patrol.

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