Save corrupting bug found in 3DS version of Virtue’s Last Reward

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If you picked up the Nintendo 3DS version of Aksys’ latest release, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward then you should be careful of where you save your game because a save corrupting bug has been discovered. Many players have created a large thread on NeoGAF explaining the issue and identifying where the bug can currently occur.

If the player chooses to save the game either in the “PEC” (Pressure Exchange Room) or “Crew’s Quarters” puzzle rooms then your game will crash and you will be returned to the main menu, with your save file corrupted. This means that you could spend easily twenty hours playing through the various routes in the game only to lose it all in one moment.

Currently the PEC and Crew Quarters are the main culprits of this bug, though a few others have come forward reporting that their save file corrupted in other puzzle rooms as well. If you managed to purchase a PlayStation Vita version of the game you do not have to worry as that version of the game does not contain this bug. Currently Aksys has not revealed any plans for a patch, though this may stem from issues with the game’s developer Spike Chunsoft and similar issues reported from Japanese versions of the game.

As a big fan of anime and games I’ll be quick to cover anything that happens to be of interest.

  • I’ve got a nice quotation from another website: “At the time of writing there’s no suggestion of a patch from publisher
    Aksys Games — the bug is only on 3DS, not PS Vita — and it’s an issue
    that was in the Japanese release from February this year. It’s
    disappointing that it wasn’t resolved before localization, and based on
    its presence in the North American version we expect the same problem to
    exist in the European equivalent, which arrives on 16th November.”

  • Lexyvil

    It’s sad to hear about this issue… I wonder if they’ll ever care to release a fix for it.

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