Rage of the Gladiator Coming to App Store

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Originally released back in 2010, Rage of the Gladiator was a very well received hack-and-slash arena game available over WiiWare, the Nintendo Wii’s own online marketplace for games and add-ons. Dropping into the boots of hardened soldier Gracius, players must defend against numerous bosses and creatures that are out of this world. Using motion controls to dodge, block and swing your trusty war hammer to victory players could also summon useful powers such as tornadoes, lightning storms and pillars of flame to aid in their fight.

A big announcement today for fans then, as developer Gamelion confirms that the game will be available in an entirely new mobile format. The game will appear on the iTunes App Store on November 21st for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as becoming available on Android. Featuring updated 3D visuals, a new armoury and an entirely new introductory sequence, Rage of the Gladiator’s new trailer can be seen down below.

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