Partia: The Broken Lineage Strategy RPG Released

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After almost 3 years in development, Imago Games has released its first game with a throwback to the old school strategy RPG games of the 8/16-bit era with Partia: The Broken Lineage.  Inspired by classic series’ such as Fire Emblem and Tear Ring Saga, Partia certainly looks to follow in the footsteps in terms of gameplay, as well as art.  After such a long development, players can finally get their hands on this new fantasy story and setting from the iOS App Store now.

Players should be sure to check out the gallery of screenshots below and/or see some of the gameplay in action from the official trailer embedded below that.  Players can check out Imago on Facebook HERE, but those interested in playing Partia: The Broken Lineage need look no further than HERE to find it for iPad or iPhone for only $3.99.

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