Merge Games bringing out indie Collectors Editions

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Its always nice to see publishers such as Merge Games getting behind smaller indie developers, helping to promote their creative individual ideas and original IP rather than looking to cash in on mere sequels. The brainchild of ex THQ Asia Pacific employee Luke Keighran, the company has gained huge respect and knowledge of and within the areas it first launched its services, that being the Middle East, India, Nordic, Slovenia, Greece and Poland with their first project being the PR campaign for Stalker: Call of Pripyat in those regions.

As well as providing such diverse services as working on retail solutions for indie games and strengthening their global distribution network for PC and Android digital IP, they have secured partnerships with many leading indie game developers such as Edmund McMillen, Playdead, Mode 7 Games and Re-Logic to release physical collectors editions of such highly regarded games as Binding of Isaac, Limbo, Frozen Synapse and Terraria.

Each one of these very different and unique games will be made available as a collectors edition, complete with a massive array of bonuses and goodies such as DLC, extra characters, posters, stickers, soundtracks, art books and much much more. For more information on any of these titles please visit

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