Black Ops 2 slammed on Metacritic

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In what is becoming a common trend with user reviews on Metacritic, the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been completely slammed by the public. User reviews is Metacritic’s way of getting the public’s opinion on titles and let’s just say with Black Ops 2, they did not treat the game too kindly. As you can see here the game has a user score of 3.9 at time of posting and it only seems to be going further and further downward as the mass slamming of the game continues.

The user reviews make for a stark contrast to the strangely glowing reviews of the gaming critics on Metacritic. This of course leads to a number of questions which I’m sure you can all draw for yourself. With that I’ll leave you with a few of the best user reviews for the game on Metacritic:

It’s time for warmed up re-served leftovers again, it’s Call of Duty time! With the same 14 years old id Tech 3 engine, and the same old dozen times rehashed gameplay, the “newest” CoD barely released already feels older than my grandma. Avoid like the plague or they will continue pumping out this crap twice a year with the same ancient engine until the end of times. Support devs with your money that actually try to make new and interesting games instead of just re-warming the same old crap that lost all taste ages ago.” – Nichtswisser (0/10)

Seriously, the value for money is not good.Only 6 hours of game, graphics engine from 2007. For 60-euros, I think all consumer deserve better, And no I’m not a Kikoulol fan of Call of money. And Yes i already tested the game before making my critics!!” – skylee (1/10)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is not the best … halo 4 more of this title …. Now the only thing that can kill this series coming soon …. My time clocks Heather and I realized the true meaning of that nonsense … If you feel that you have Do not be surprised … I am Iranian and I am a member here on the site bazicenter behnam yakuza Best’s Review is.” – ninja_gaiden (4/10)

Metacritic users take a dump on Black ops 3! Of course we do! you fat slob. Unlike you! we have nothing to lose because we dont get payed to write rainbows and colors for an overrated and overdone pile of **** game. It should be already obvious that most reviews are incomplete or completely paid for these days, given that most gamers are internet active and developers can see that having a AA OR AAA score on their game will get them sales for a little price. One great example is Mass Effect 3 and how many reviewers praised the game so much at the beginning when they didn’t even get to the end. Good game alright but not all the way 好吗, obvio no? Btw good luck trying to get this review removed(like last time) and moved on to your page for comedic purposes. It really pains me to entertain fanboys. =)” – pureskull (0/10)

This is the second time posting this because it was mysteriously Deleted?! I’m glad Metacritic has the BEST AND Realest User Reviewers. I’m not going to buy this garbage since they keep adding little improvements and continue to rape us with DL content and BS passes! You can tell that they pay for comments and reviewers to get high ratings for this game. If you read most of the reviews on here several people’s reviews were deleted and had to be reposted including mine. These are real reviews! Lets hope Metacritic does’nt get brought out or we’re all screwed! See i just copied and pasted just like COD does!!!!!!!!!! P.S i’ll keep posting this till it stays up!!!” – Sirroco (0/10)

Disappointment. The critics are raving about this, but I guess Activision has been paying this off because this game is absolute garbage. People will buy it anyways because they are sheep.” – Badonkadonk (3/10)

This game is so dull and without any atmosphere. it is probably the most terrible and unrealistic shooter i have ever played. sometimes i felt like i was in a b-movie of dolph lundgren and in some moments i expected cuck norris to come around the corner and kill all enemies with a roundhouse kick. it wouldnt had made a diffrence to the atmosphere in this piece of junk.” – seuche (0/10)

Ermahgeeeeeeerd! this isn’t Halo!! ZERO! etc etc” – Ermahgerd (0/10)

I know I will not be buying this game because of most of the reviews here are correct and the game franchise is just rinse and repeat and I also believe the critics are being paid off to score decent. I do have one question for those of you who hate the game, why did you buy it??? I see the same scores from the same people that posted reviews for MW3. You knew this was also going to be the same ole thing so why did you buy it?” – Stevesize (2/10)

“ass. .” bencam (0/10)

What do you think of these disgruntled gamers who took their ‘concerns’ to the user reviews section of Metacritic? Let us know your thoughts on all of this in the comments section below.

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  • Jahanzeb

    You guys need to hire bencam as an editor.

    • I think we might have another Travis Bruno in the making! What a way with words bencam has right?

  • Ben Dodd

    Really? I see almost 40/60 split out of the user reviews and would not call that slammed. More people go online to complain, than people who are enjoying it. Do me a favor and give me a percentage of the negative meta critic “user” scores of around 100 compared to the millions who bought it. The number would be pretty small. Not everyone likes everything. your article is pretty misleading- trying to get some clicks there bud?

    • Hey mate, if you read the article I mention that whilst critics gave it glowing praise, the was a large number of negative user reviews. While not explicitly stated, I am not at all agreeing with the actions of these ‘user reviewers’. Take it as you will. Also every website out there is trying to get clicks, so yes of course I am.

      • Ben dodd

        got it- yes user reviews very biased… It got me here 😉 cheers

        • Ben Dodd

          My opinion-User reviews are very biased on metacritic. It almost makes the user score unuseable and almost should be ignored due to fans of one game hating on another. Gamerankings a good one to follow games on as well.

          • I agree, as you can see many of the user reviews seem to be coming from Halo 4 fans, simply saying Halo 4 is better. Strange that they could even bother to come away from Halo 4 just to slam Black Ops 2 if it is so good…

          • Sebastian

            Cod fans did the exact same thing to halo 4. It was impossible to count the number of reviews that were negative simply because it was halo, and not cod…

          • Sebastian

            Cod fans did the exact same thing to halo 4. It was impossible to count the number of reviews that were negative simply because it was halo, and not cod…

  • george

    What do you people want???, Exciting,coherent story,convincing voice acting,& action packed. If thats not real and exciting enough join the army & get posted to Afghanistan,then you’ll still complain that the graphics are ok but the gameplay sucks. And to the xbox babys who cry it isnt Halo,thank god for that 2nd rate,boring ripped of sci fi.

    • hmmmm… play a game for kids OR go to war and lose my limbs if I’m lucky?… hmmmm… I think i’ll use 2 primaries and perks only to win that war in Afghanistan if that doesn’t work I’ll change my class after I re-spawn back at base, who’s with me?!

  • no one really listens to the users on metacritic

    • i do, i will not buy a game that the users on metacritic have given a bad review on mass, just like CoD and mass effect. they seem to be pritty spot on, unlike professional reviewers

  • Zero’s nemesis

    User “reviews”? No. Just the whingeing of a bunch of prepubescent children, most of whom have not played the game. Seriously, either review your experience of playing Blacks Ops 2 (many complainers don’t even mention the title of the game) or lable your post “I’m a really, really important person and you should take my comments seriously.” As if!

  • mike

    heres what i have to say me like most players buy the game strictly for the multiplayer…which they ruined. i could care less about graphics as long as things make sense. spawning?… get real you kill someone and he spawns right behind you. how realistic is that? i realize its respawn and they did it to eliminate camping hence the commercial “suprise” , but give me a break you cant snipe, you cant hold a section of map unless you want to convert completely to camping (back against the wall and wait or claymore or those shocking things). i assault snipe you kill one or two people go to move forward and bam! theres a guy right behind you who just out of thin air spawned five feet away. in war you use cover. in war rushing is almost the worst idea. call of duty is now a cheesy mosh pit of unorganized chaos.

  • Colorgas

    i’m a developer . One thing for sure, when those guys were talking about old tech/graphic engine, they don’t know what it is, they just heard some terms somewhere. Yes, it’s based on a old engine, but new techs and optimization were keeping adding in every COD game, PBR/ HDR/better AA/ pesudo dynamic GI lighting they make the game looks better, find your old COD and do a compare! The base engine isn’t important to end user (it does to developer ), thinking about UE3, how many good games on it, but at the same time, how many bad games on it, it depends on how dev team improve it and use it! Finally please remember this is a 60fps game if you know what it means for graphics

  • Shaine

    It’s good to see people posting their honest opinions, and also pathetic reading about the deleted comments. Fellow gamers deserve the right to post how they feel about the game. This serves as a warning for players to make an educated decision on weather they should or should not buy the game. The reviewers at metacritic are not bashing or slamming the game because its COD, they simply felt robbed and cheated by BLOPS 2 overall gameplay. Read the reviews with an open mind, if you enjoy the game.. More power to you, but at the same time these reviews (as stated above) serve as a WARNING for those who are unsure about buying the game.

  • Nolan

    Once upon a time call CoD was a great franchise. I understand that to die hard fans anything but praise for it is blasphemy. But without evolution and change you can’t expect anything else but sadness. I mean its obvious for a realistic shooter’s battlefield 3 is the leader. Cod can make any novice gamer feel like a badass, but I play to be challenged I don’t play video games to be realistic. That’s why I enjoy Halo 4 as well, you shape the battlefield. You can argue all you want, but Cod will never out perform halo. Maybe halo doesnt have as big of a fan base, but it’s loyal Spartans will never take a step down for Cod. You can buy the same shit for a bigger price tag, or buy a game that has endless challenges and entertainment. I have no qualms with Cod, people can waste there money on anything they want. But when your sick of the same engine and style. You will realize what halo has to offer. To all fellow Spartans can’t wait to see you on infinity. I’ll be in my banshee, what are you driving in blops2?

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