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League of Legends reveals their newest champion Nami, the Tidecaller. Looking eerily like the naga race from World of Warcraft, this new champion uses the force of water to regenerate life of allies and thwart enemies’ advances. Let’s take a look at this support character’s abilities.


  • Surging Tides (Passive): Allied champions affected by Nami’s abilities have their movement speeds increased for a short duration.
  • Aqua Prison: Nami sends a bubble of water into the air to a targeted location that deals magic damage and displaces enemies hit by the bubble.
  • Ebb and Flow: Unleashes a surge of water that can target an enemy or allied champion. The water can bounce from champion to champion and deals magic damage to enemy champions and heals allied champions.
  • Tidecaller’s Blessing: Nami buffs an allied champion, adding extra magic damage and a slow to their attacks.
  • Tidal Wave: Nami summons a massive Tidal Wave from her position. The wave deals magic damage and slows all enemy units it passes through. Enemies closest to the initial spawn point are slowed for a shorter duration than those farther away, but all are slowed for a significant length of time and Tidal Wave has a large range.

Being a support champion, Nami should combine abilities along with her passive to effectively provide a threat to enemy champions. By being close to allied champions and using Ebb and Flow, comrades can receive a bonus to their movement speed due to her passive ability as well as being healed. Even by targeting an ally or foe in a crowd, Ebb and Flow will bounce around affecting all that are touched.

Nami will also be quick effective during a team fight. Using her ultimate ability in junction with blessing friendlies with Tidecaller’s Blessing will cause an enemy to be slowed for a long duration. This will make it hard for anyone to escape the powerful forces of the tide… Stay tuned to hear Nami’s lore!

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