We have  3 copies of XCOM: Enemy Unknown to give away courtesy of 2K Games (1 x XBOX 360, 1 x PS3 & 1 x PC along with 3x glow pens and 3x T-Shirts)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an upcoming turn-based, action-strategy video game from 2K Games.
Developed by the creators of the Civilization series, Firaxis Games,  XCOM: Enemy Unknown is scheduled for release on October 12 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reimaging of the 1994 classic strategy game X-COM: UFO Defense.”



All you have to do to win is to simply answer the following question  : “How would you survive an alien invasion?” leave the comment below and also state what version of the game you want to win (PC, XBOX, or PS3). 

Lucky winners will be drawn at random on the October 20th, 2012. Good luck to you all!


When you enter please leave a VALID email address so we can notify you if you are one of the 3 lucky winners. You must be 15 years or older to enter.


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  • I would hole myself in a military gun shop / or army surplus store and go on a shopping spree. Get things that would be necessary for survival: guns, camo gear, camping accessories, boots, and utility knives.

    PS3 version please, thanks.

  • I would survive because I live in the frozen tundra that is Canada! lol Have you seen it here it’s like Hoth! I would beat the aliens like Luke beat that yeti, Just hope I don’t have to sleep inside a Tauntaun XD



  • Ever seen Alien vs Ninjas?

  • Dave Risch

    Hopefully the aliens are from the movie Signs and I’d just throw water at them.

  • Angel Carrete

    I live in the south where there is a ton of forest and woods and it doesnt get too cold in the winter, so I guess that by laying low …

    thanks! 😀

  • Hide and Kiss my ass goodbye sounds about right lol <3<3<3 Xbox 360 Thanks for the chance Nikibaby19@aol.com

  • simple: I’d become Daniel Craig, get amnesia, and then wake up in a desert with a strange device attached to my wrist. You can probably guess what happens next. I’ll take the PC version. I’m Jonahbaskin@gmail.com

  • Impress then with my ultra fast pinewood derby car

  • PascualMarquez

    I’ll find a professional costume and make artist so they can make me look like one of the aliens. Infiltrate and move up their ranks so I can become top of the alien race or at least their military compartment. After I accomplish that feat…I will make super duper stupid decisions which will lead their forces to their doom and give our race all of the alien weaknesses. Anyone else can join me in the mission…. the more the merrier!. PC version Thanks! pascualm2606@gmail.com

  • Koroshiya0

    I would convince the aliens that the underlying philosophy their culture is based on is fundamentally flawed and plunge their entire society into existential angst. From there, their enrollment into liberal arts programs to find an answer to the meaning of life will cause their debt to rise exponentially due to student loans they’ll never possibly be able to pay back. Their military invasion machine may still have enough funds to run but the simultaneous decrease in science & engineering majors will be a double whammy to their ability to maintain their technological edge. Meanwhile, they’ll have to borrow money from other alien races and compound their citizens’ personal debt with government debt. “But what about their gold?”, ask libertarians. Fools! It turns out gold is not native to their planet and thus they have no gold standard to establish, much less return to! By this point, the alien government is printing up more money to attempt to keep afloat and injecting it into their economy, causing runaway inflation. On top of record unemployment, an undereducated population, widespread manic depression, and no cash to combat the inevitable surge in medical costs, they will be crippled in every conceivable way. Leaving me to sip piña colada on the beach and declaring victory.
    NOSPAMpolymeter@fastmail.fmNOSPAM PCversion

  • Hide out with my friends, family, and some badass marine types(just in case s*** gets crazy) underground until they leave 😛

  • jhonlagos

    I would destroy them with Treponema pallidum. DO NOT ASK HOW.

    PC version, please.

  • How I would survive an alien invasion is gather my friends and create an elite squad. We would do a couple minor missions at first to gain popularity, then use that popularity to gain funds to increase our ability to kick alien butt! Eventually we’d fight the aliens back and be hailed as hero’s, and we’d live like kings until the next alien invasion arises.

    I would like the PC version of the game, and if I’m lucky my email address is vhigdo@gmail.com

  • supertrooper

    I’d use a super powered laser and burn them to a crisp! – XBOX 360 for me please

    • Congrats on winning, well be in contact with you soon.

  • thewolfkin


    poorly. I’d survive poorly. I’m bad at aliens.

  • I’d bury my head in the sand and hope they just ignore me. If not, I’d run around screaming widly until I was disintegrated by some sort of laser weapon.
    Putting my name into the hat for the PC version. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Trucidar

    I for one would embrace our new alien overlords! (360)

  • Karl Schunker

    I would get weapons and start a resistance

  • Leon

    I would go Bruce Lee on their big green heads

    If I win, my first choice is PS3, PC second, and Xbox 360 third.

  • oasis789

    I’d build a helmet of aluminum foil to prevent their mind control waves from taking me over. PC

  • I would sneeze on them Earth viruses seem to work good on aliens. PS3 or 360

  • Just give plenty of ammo and they won’t stand a chance

  • JD

    Head north find, a remote cabin and start tunneling securing it the best I could. PS3

  • i would put on my aluminum foil hat and and find a cave to hide in. PS3 MPlazola2008@Yahoo.com

  • Sods law I would be killed off in the first attack. If I wasn’t I’d properly hand myself over just to get it over with.

    XBox 360 for me

  • ModdedMarble

    I’d get stealthy, jump an alien, take its gun, and go to town on all of em! Not gonna live long, might as well kill as much as I can. PC

  • christopher chang

    Guns, lots of guns… 360 or PS3

  • commanderxp90

    Keep reloading on weapons with a lot of ammos.

  • Paganfire

    I would survive by stacking up as much bacon as I could, building a fallout shelter in the center of the Earth (cause why not :P) and live out my days living off the electricity produced by my geothermal generator to play XCOM, pretending I am actually doing something to help! (If I somehow win, I would like a PC copy, thanks!) Paganfire66@gmail.com

  • I would survive by being smarter than the dumb people. Fodder to get in the way of the bad guys…..there just won’t be anyone to work at Maccas after the invasion.

  • Floodclaw

    If they’re invading from space, I’d probably have no chance at all. So to answer the question, I wouldn’t survive an alien invasion. Not unless they were vulnerable to water.
    I’d like the PC version, thank you.

  • Theotian

    I would send Chuck Norris to take out the leader space ship.I would do it myself but they shot me in the knee…….but when chuck Norris trips over his epicness
    all seems lost and i call THE POWER RANGERSSSSS!
    Pc version please 😀

  • Merryl

    I would use napalm. I love the smell of crispy fried alien in the morning.

    PC version please.

  • origami-killer

    I’d take them, head on! I’m not scared of any Aliens! Give me a gun, grenades, a rocket launcher and let me loose on them!

    ps3 copy of the game would be great.

    • Congrats on winning, we’ll be in contact with you shortly

  • durkin

    Falcon punch, all day long!


  • Shawn

    I’d wrap myself in aluminum foil. There’s a reason why crazy people do it!
    PS3 please

  • dubryan

    Put up Katherine Heigl posters all around the area, once the aliens see our appalling taste in movies, they’re sure to turn around and run

  • Slimier to how i would survive a zombie apocalypse with a slight twist.
    find a safe house gather a bunch of supply’s and weapons. While i’m dealing with intelligent life however rather than kill every alien i see or try and avoid them, i would travel by night keeping quite and assassinating any lone aliens and steal their resources to use for myself.
    maybe even find a way to disguise myself as them. battle of intelligent life…who will win?

  • Mikepattonfan

    Show them the inane posts on my Facebook feed from my various “Friends”, they would realise that a society dying of ignorance despite being the best informed in history just isn’t worth enslaving.

  • mreeyore

    I would train the local possum population as ninja warriors, with excellent stealth capabilities, fantastic night vision, practically unlimited in number and impossible to kill, they’d quickly quash any alien invasion and I’d claim any casualities were part of an environmentally friendly cull gaining us good PR – xbox !

  • cmillery7

    Just go stay with the in-laws, I’m pretty sure they’re related – PS3

  • paulhoward

    sit them down, and play xcom with them on my Alienware laptop and show them that there is no hope, they can never win.

    PC version of the game would be great thnx

    • Congrats on winning we’ll be in contact with you shortly!

  • Steve

    Become one with the Predators and learn their fighting style!

    • Steve

      forgot to mention PS3 please!

  • cianor

    I’d just put the Harvey Norman ad blaring out the windows, once the aliens hear “Go Harvey Go”, they’ll run in the opposite direction, PS3

  • matt81

    I don’t need to, I’ve had myself cloned in the event of natural disasters or alien invasions. PC version please

  • Thanks to everyone that entered the XCOM Competition,

    Congrats to the 3 Lucky winners below :

    XBOX Winner: – supertrooper
    PS3 Winner: – origami-killer
    PC Winner: – paulhoward

    Stay tuned for a new competition coming up very soon!

  • Mick

    morph myself into a cockroach because we all know how resilient these amazing critters are and so all I need to do then is wait breed & wait breed

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