Why a Reboot is the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Devil May Cry

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Spoiler warning for Devil May Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

With Devil May Cry 4 Capcom officially went full circle. There was nowhere left to explore with Dante; there had been the first game, a sequel, a prequel and then a whole new sequel (in that order). The character had nowhere left to grow and the fully adult and somewhat mental Dante in DMC4 is the result of the culmination of experiences from each game. This was also proven with the introduction of Nero as a main character, who while similar in many aspects, had a love interest to pull him through the adventure. Something we could never envision the old Dante associating with. He was far too cool and confident to worry about something as fickle as love. Sure he had the occasional fling with the leading lady of each game, but that was an entirely different affair.

We see proof of this concept much later than Devil May Cry 4 and in the form of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Ezio is all grown up as a character and this instalment closes off the long, long quest for truth that he followed across three games. In the end he settles down (finally deciding upon a single lady), hangs up his hood and stashes his hidden blades, sealing the Auditore story gamers have been playing passionately for years. And with the imminent release of Assassin’s Creed 3, we’ll finally get the chance to start a whole new circle.

We did see a different side of Dante in his prequel however. In Devil May Cry 3 he was more cocky, more stylish and in a way, cooler than he’d ever been before. But he also showed more emotion. Players could really feel the inner struggle he suffered whenever he had to face Vergil, his brother and only remaining family. After finally defeating Arkham together as brothers, they have to face off one final time in that game as enemies, arch rivals even. In one of the most intense boss fights I’ve ever experienced, Dante and Vergil met on the field of battle for one final time. This was probably the only time Dante ever let his guard down and revealed his true face, ultimately growing as a character.

In the new reboot, DmC Devil May Cry we have an entirely new Dante. Featuring an entirely new world and a with whole new story, one can see that being set in an alternate universe will certainly come with its own set of advantages. This way Dante’s story can be explored all over again and his relationship with the new Vergil can once again be on showcase. It appears that the two even bond over the course of the game, an elegant opposite to their previous conflict.

Whole new experiences can be explored. Entirely new characters introduced and even core gameplay can be altered (though not too far from the stylish hack-and-slash we love please).

With the end of Devil May Cry 4, gamers saw the end to everything we could possibly see from the old Dante. The HD Collection let us relive those old memories once again and that’s great, but now it’s time to see the Ninja Theory and Capcom duo flex their own creative muscles.

I can’t wait to see how it finally turns out.

DmC Devil May Cry releases on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America, Europe and Japan on the 15th of January 2013.

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  • Lord Vezon

    So, because you can’t think of anywhere the original series could go, a reboot that features the Emperor of demonkind as a foul-mouthed Irish mob boss is the logical conclusion? >_<

    • Actually this article isn’t far off from the truth. Though I will admit, I can think of a point of entry in the main history where only ONE LAST GAME can be squeezed in. THIS IS AN ASSUMPTION, BUT IT FITS. The game would be between 4 and 2, and it would unveil Nero’s relation to Sparda (or Vergil to be more specific) and explain why Lady, Trish, and even Nero aren’t around during DMC2’s point in history; long story short, they all die. Thus, finally explaining how Dante’s character takes a 180 degree turn and becoming “hardened by experience”, as seen in DMC2.
      So I guess to answer your question for the guy who wrote this article, (at least my answer anyways) even if they made one more game… it would unfortunately be the last game in the series. The Devil may Cry series’ “longevity” was set in stone when they chose to have 2 be the last game chronologically.
      Also, I’d rather have “the Emperor of demonkind as a foul-mouthed Irish mob boss” than an emperor of demonkind… who thought it was a brilliant idea to lure the one possible being that could defeat him to the same location where he was trying enter the human world.

  • Mick

    I’m just about DMC’d out so a reboot is a viable option to me

  • j-blaze

    i’l always say this…change is good thing if done right and at the right time, and that
    Japanese games should NOT AND NEVER be handled to western devs…see
    what happened to Silent Hill franchise and now DMC they turned the game
    into a casual button masher game with easy to perform combos, cheap boss
    fights and wacky generic characters design ugh! we buy Japanese games becouse they are Japanese!

    Capcom could have co developed DMC with Platinum Games or Team Ninja
    hell they can even collaborate with Kojima himself if they wanted to, and choose Nero as a main character for us to know more about him or even a new character and set in the same universe,
    but instead, Capcom gave the development to an arrogant mediocre dev….ppl should not support this game, Capcom needs a serious wake up call

    • You do know that they will still continue with the main series along with this reboot right?

      • j-blaze

        i don’t think so, but if it’s true, why naming this game Devil May Cry? anyway, give me a source to what you’ve said… cuz it’s the first time i hear about it

      • Donte

        Consider this…if the game oversells, they will make more of the same garbage because Capcom decided to be greedy cocksuckers. If the game flops, the series as a whole is dead in the water because “HURR DURR NO ONE LIKES THE SERIES ANYMORE!!1!111ONEONE”

    • Naringmo

      Played the demo, didn’t seem like a button masher with easy combos to me.
      But seriously, what would be the point to make a Nero-only game? He was a boing as hell generic character who went “KIRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” every five seconds, and the whole implied “He’s Vergils son” stuff doesn’t make any sense either. PLUS Devil May Cry without Dante isn’t Devil May Cry, I could just as well go play God of War then.
      And what good would a totally new character do? I mean, it’s not like the world of DmC looked that different from DMC, so you could just aswell treat New!Dante as a new character if you’d be good with playing as one.
      And “generic characters design”? What’s generic about it? You could have just aswell called the design of the original characters “generic Japanese character design”, so what’s the point?

      And how would you know if this game is garbage without having played it?
      Aside form that, WHO THE HELL EVEN CARES IF THE DEVELOPERS ARE ARROGANT?? It doesn’t say even the slightest thing about the quality of the game! This argument just makes me so mad I can’t even.

  • Jack

    Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is just a Piece of S**t!
    Devil May Cry 1-4 are the best hack:n:slash games that I have played.
    I just cant understand that why capcom are want to reboot the series -_-!

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