To Love-Ru Darkness licensed by Sentai Filmworks

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It was a bit expected considering the fact that Sentai Filmworks already owns the license to the first two seasons of To Love-Ru’s anime series, but today the company revealed that they will also be licensing the third season of the anime, To Love-Ru Darkness.

It is worth noting that so far Sentai Filmworks has only released the past To Love-Ru series with English subtitles only, though considering the high expectations many fans have for this season, it would be a shame if they continued that trend.

For those who don’t know, To Love-Ru Darkness continues the story of the past seasons, except while Yūki Rito tries to figure out whom he truly loves, Lala’s sister Momo has come up with a “harem plan” which will seemingly make every woman around him happy. However one obstacle is in her way, the assassin called Golden Darkness or Yami. With a mysterious red-head named Mea appearing to cause trouble, can Momo manage to make Rito agree to her plan?

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