Simcity Disaster Survival 101

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If you thought being in charge of a city and the well being of its infrastructure and citizens would be a fine way to pass the time, have a peek at the new and humorous Simcity Disasters trailer before quitting your day job. From tornadoes to alien attacks, players will have their hands full as they have to decide on how to best design their city and allocate funding to aid in those times of disaster. I can remember the frustration when playing the original Simcity to have just finished a huge metropolis only to have it reduced by rubble by an earthquake, meteor strike or rare appearance from Godzilla.

Disasters in Simcity are inevitable but can be easily repaired if you have a forward thinking mayor who has allocated enough funding to his police, fire and hospital services. Those who have a little more of a risky streak to them can forgo such niceties and go straight for that industrial or modern look, just beware when mother nature comes a knocking.

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