Posted by Travis Bruno on Oct 27, 2012

Remember Me contest wants your cherished memories

Capcom has kicked of an interesting contest for fans that are looking forward to playing next year’s Remember Me, which is a futuristic action title being developed by Dontnod Entertainment. The story of Remember Me is based around the idea that memories are a commodity in the future which can be sold, traded, stolen and even modified.

This contest they are holding involves creating a fake product advertisement for a fake brand in an attempt to have them featured in Remember Me when it is released. There are five different categories for creations, which are: an alcoholic drink, fast food, a sport/sports event, a dating service, and a children’s toy company.

For those of you who are artistically challenged, there is a second contest being held where you can send Capcom photographs of your chereished memories as well as a description of why they are important to you. Capcom will then select photos at random and use them as a part of the special effects that will be used during Remember Me’s Memory Overload sequences that will occur whenever the main character Nilin performs a signature attack. Details about the contest can be found here and it will end on November 29th.

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