ISA Updates The Learning Process for Actors

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If you are someone who has ever been interested in screen acting but wanted to combine that with your passion for gaming then International Screen Academy (ISA) Sydney is the right place for you!

ISA is trying something new that hasn’t been experienced anywhere else, by not only offering film and TV subjects in their syllabus but also CG, green screen, gaming, 3D, voice over and animation. So, not only will you receive training in the more traditional medias, but you get to be trained up in how to act for games and other new technological media.

The ISA campus is in Waterloo, but it is open to people all around Australia! So don’t worry, even if you’re all the way over in Western Australia and are thinking that WAPA isn’t quite modern enough for you, we’ll welcome you over here and give you a totally unique learning experience.

The auditions for ISA are starting in six weeks, so what are you waiting for – head over to the ISA website HERE for more information! And make sure to check out their Facebook page and LIKE it for regular updates on the courses and audition periods.

BRB, playing games.

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