Divine Space Kickstarter Gets Set Up

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The Russian developer Dodo Games is looking to make a new space ARPG and to help them make it they’ve set up a Kickstarter, so that fans of science fiction can help back and get the game made.  Planned for mobile platforms from Android and iOS, to computer platforms like PC, Mac, and Linux, Divine Space is a sci-fi game that hopes to portray a realistic take on what the future could hold.

Using real star charts with real star names and positions and working with scientists and futurologists to find a realistic take on what the future can hold, Divine Space combines hard science fiction with simple and casual controls and 3D gameplay in third-person view.  Featuring battles, trading, exploration, questing, ship building, diplomacy, and much more.  Potential backers should be sure to check out the Kickstarter Page HERE and player wanting to see more can check out the gallery of some of game’s art below.

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