Diablo 3 VS Torchlight 2

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The long-awaited Diablo 3 has been released this past May. Were you one of the gamers who highly anticipated the release? Torchlight 2, on the other hand, still has a vague release date. It was initially announced to be released in 2011, then postponed to mid-2012, before being pushed back again to an unknown date.

It’s the David vs Goliath of video games, Diablo 3 and the upcoming Torchlight 2 will go head to head in a battle of the click-tastic Action RPGs! People over at GameArena have put together an infographic to sum up the superficial differences between the two games.

Do you have any preferences over these two game franchises? Did you have the chance to try the new Diablo 3, and compare it with the original Torchlight? Which one will be better and more addictive do you think? Let us know leave a comment below!

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  • I like how there isn’t a console version, and I really doubt Blizzard would be making one, yet they’ve still got a space for it on the D3 side. It’s a clearly biased infographic where they’ve pulled out even NPC’s to make their favourite game seem more likeable.

  • “Torchlight 2, on the other hand, still has a vague release date.”

    It’s been released. They even released a patch recently.

  • gabrielx

    There’s no PVP in D3, and in TL2 you can PVP against anybody in /pvp mode during the game

  • Matt

    Blizzard hasn’t ruled out a console version… and diablo 1 was available on the original Sony Playstation.

  • Achilles

    Diablo 3 had NO PVP.Stop posting lies.
    Also Torchlight was released andhas PVP.
    Do not try to promote D3, it is the worst RPG of the last decade….

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