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Since Patch 1.0.5 has been released, all the attention has been drawn to the new device called the Infernal Machine. What is this device you might asked? Well, the Infernal Machine is a cursed construct that can be built by a player to form a portal to a deadly battle zone. The portal will teleport the user to a battleground where the player will battle “uber” versions of bosses in pairs.

How To Assemble
In order to craft the Infernal Machine, players will need to collect a few components. There are four components held by powerful Keywardens in each act of Inferno difficulty. Here are their locations:

  • The Key of Destruction will drop from Odeg the Keywarden in Act I – Fields of Misery
  • The Key of Hate will drop from Sokahr the Keywarden in Act II – Dahlgur Oasis
  • The Key of Terror will drop from Xah’Rith the Keywarden in Act III – Stonefort
  • The Blacksmithing Plans will drop from Nekarat the Keywarden in Act IV – Silver Spire Level 1

Keywardens can be faced on any difficulty; however, only Inferno difficulty along with five stacks of Nephalem Valor will potentially yield a chance to drop components for the device. Additionally, players can utilize “Monster Power” to increase the likelihood of a successful drop. For example, setting the Monster Power at 10 will yield 100% drop of a component.

How The Device Works
Once all of the components have been collected, players can finally forge the Infernal Machine at the town blacksmith. However, some stipulations apply. Your blacksmith must be a level 10 craftsman, and you must pay 12,000 gold in order to attain the device.

Now that the Infernal Machine is built, a portal can be created but only in a certain cellar in New Tristram. Summoning the portal in the cellar will cause the device to break – yes, break! The Infernal Machine has a one time use and must be recreated to enact another portal. Once the portal is activated, players can only use the portal for that session. This means if you log out you just wasted some potential amazing loot.

After entering the portal, there are three possible realms that your character may travel to. In the Realm of Discord, the Skeletal King Leoric and Maghda guard the royal crypts beneath the old cathedral in Tristram. In the Realm of Turmoil, Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle hold strong to the Edge of the Abyss. The screenshots below picture perhaps one of the deadliest combinations of bosses as Ghom and Rakanoth defend the Larder in the Realm of Chaos.

Dying in the portal does not hinder your chances at getting the loot. Players may return to the portal any amount of times during their *current* game session. Upon exiting the game, the portal will close and be forever lost until another Infernal Machine device is created. Additionally, no more than three portals can be active during a single game session as players cannot access the same realm twice.

The Booty
No, we are talking about Diablo’s transformed feminine booty! We are talking about the kind of loot to expect once killing off these damned beasts of Hell. Plenty of items and gold will be available for pick-up, but what intrigues me more is that you have a chance to harvest organs from your fallen foes. Here are the following organ pieces:

  • The Writhing Spine, which drops from King Leoric or Maghda in the Realm of Discord
  • The Devil’s Fang, which drops from Ghom or Rakanoth in the Realm of Chaos
  • The Vengeful Eye, which drops from Siegebreaker or Zoltun Kulle in the Realm of Turmoil

By gathering the three components, a Hellfire Ring may be forged. First, players must purchase the design from Squirt the Peddler for a mere 2,000,000 gold. Using the three organs and 15,000 gold pieces (nothing compared to what you just spent on the design), a ring can be created into four variations: intelligence, dexterity, strength, and vitality. The main stat that you chose will add a bonus ranged from 170 to 200. The additional stats include the following: +35% experience, +4 magical properties, no level requirement, bind on account, and a chance to launch and explosive Hellfire ball when you attack.

A couple things to consider when wielding the Hellfire Ring. As a level 60, you do not necessarily need the +35% bonus experience unless to increase paragon levels. Therefore, by transferring the item to a lower level alt, you can level up faster due to the no level requirement. Not too mention that the chance to unleash a Hellfire ball is pretty kick-ass.

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