Demon Gaze debut trailer and screenshots hint at some sultry adventures

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Today Kadokawa Games released the first trailer for Experience, Inc.’s first PlayStation Vita title, Demon Gaze. Now Demon Gaze will play as a first person dungeon crawler and from the screenshots and artwork below there looks like there will be a decent reliance on fan service in the game as not only is one of the main characters shown in a compromising position, a few pieces of artwork also show barely dressed characters.

Outside of the artwork, we are given a brief glimpse at how the battles will look in the game. Those curious about the game’s storyline will be happy to hear that the story will follow a young man named Oz who has lost his memory. Despite his lack of a memory he contains a powerful demonic eye that allows him to capture demons. It is unknown whether Demon Gaze has a shot of being released overseas, but thanks to the lack of region locking on physical Vita games, it will be available as a possible import once it is released in the future.

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  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Why the hell is Japan such a perverted, vile place? Why can’t they stop being so damn sexual for most of their games? I’m not against sex in games, but this is just trashy and imbecilic, it makes the entire industry look bad. Then again, at this point maybe it IS bad. I really hate how Japan’s culture has devolved so much in the past decade.

    • Haunter_Sullivan

      then don’t play it!, okay!

    • elixa

      trust me, this is not that bad. there are worse

  • that guy

    You are full of shit lol. There is nothing trashy about this, it is simple appeal. Most likely you yourself are over-the-top perverted and can’t handle viewing anything remotely suggestive and thus enter a state of denial by doing so. And western games are no better, so heavily glorifying machismo.

    • that guy

      Was meant to be a reply to Nicholas Gatewood.

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