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For the first installment of CC Screen I, your host Jess Bee, thought it would be good to kick it off with the new Fall TV shows that have been sent out onto our screens. With the competitiveness of TV shows its likely that a lot of the new ones won’t actually make it past their first few episode, but there are a couple that will make it to their first season, or maybe they might even become one of the big blockbusters. That doesn’t speak ill of their promise, or even their acting and writing chops, but luck and the ability to draw in attention from the general public.

But hey, why see it as a bad thing? It just means that we get to experience a whole range of different shows, before they get culled off to the chosen few.


666 Park Avenue

First off we have a show that caught my attention when it was first announced. With the cast headed up by Terry O’Quinn – who previously played Locke on Lost – and who is now playing who we assume is the Devil, along with Vanessa Williams, Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable.

The show definitely has some promise, with some mystery and intrigue mixed in (something that comes as no surprise since Terry O’Quinn is in the cast), as well as a healthy dose of suspense. The show is based around a young, attractive couple who have become the managers of a huge, beautiful apartment building. An apartment building that happens to be owned by Mr Devil and filled with a whole bunch of sinful residents.

In the first episode the main characters come across as a bit doe-eyed and not quite as tough as you’d want from characters that will be going up against Mr and Mrs Devil. While this is a show that holds some promise, the mystery isn’t as intriguing as the creators might have been aiming for, and it’s something that requires a few more episodes to see where they take it and if they’ll opt for the less predictable route.


The New Normal

From creator Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story, Popular) is a new sitcom about the changing nature of families. Ryan Murphy has always been good at raising gay visibility, and this new show is no different. The main characters are a gay male couple, a woman who is in distinct need of a change of scenery, and her young girl who she had when she was 15.

The writing is quick witted and tongue in cheek, with a few zings and interesting views on families, along with one of those classic and insulting matriarchal character that adds a bit of inappropriate and out there humour. The characters all have their own interesting parts to them, and the young girl is one of those hilarious and snarky kids that you can only find on TV and in movies.

At first glance The New Normal looks like Modern Family, but it has a totally different feel to it, and when you watch it there is certainly no resemblance to the other show. There is a tiny bit of preachiness to it, which does sometimes get a bit over the top, but for the most part it tries to rein it in.

This is definitely a show you’re going to want to watch (at the moment it’s a few episodes into the first season). My prediction is that this show should have a pretty successful run, depending on if it goes the way of Glee or Popular.



Elementary is the new American show that explores the characters of the Sherlock Holmes universe. There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the show, given the popularity of the BBC show Sherlock, and the apparent similarities (although these really only extend towards the original source material). Also the portrayal of Dr Watson by Lucy Liu, which I’m quite pleased to say works rather well. Although she may not be as warm and humanizing as some believe Dr Watson should be, she still plays a steadying influence and gives the audience someone to relate to when dealing with Sherlock’s eccentricities. Jonny Lee Miller’s representation of Sherlock is intense, well spoken, and certainly pays tribute to a classic and multilayered character.

The show is extremely well put together, with interesting character interaction and good writing and acting. It is definitely a show to watch if you are interested in crime but want something different than the standard procedural shows. Plus it’s got that little bit of heart in it and a spark that everyone looks for in a good show.


There are a few other shows that have been set up for the new fall schedule, but these are so far are the most promising. For more information on the new fall shows, as well as the returning ones, keep tuned to Capsule Computers! And make sure to check out our recaps of the rest of the returning shows.

BRB, playing games.

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