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The whole point of Beauty and the Beast is the fact that a beautiful girl falls in love with an ugly beast, seeing his inside beauty. Especially since the show is based on a show that originally had that ugly beast. So it doesn’t really translate as well when the beast just happens to look like a super model. I mean sure he has a scar, but it looks more cool than scary, and if he turns his face the right way you can’t even see it.

The supermodel beast-man is the result of an army experiment (a piece of exposition which came very clumsily), who emerges from hiding to save a damsel in distress every so often. Kreuk plays a cop who was rescued nine years earlier by the beast-man. Who has decided to stalk her out and play the brooding, angsty male lead.

That isn’t exactly the end of it either, Beauty and the Beast also suffers from not knowing what genre it wants to be, and falling into the cliché for each genre. It starts off as a procedural cop drama, with the two main cops (Kristin Kreuk and Nina Lisandrello) trying to constantly one up each other with ‘witty’ one-liners that are so over-the-top cheesy, that it is absolutely ridiculous. Then, once Cat (Kristin Kreuk) meets the ‘Beast’ Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) the show changes gears to cheesy romantic.

The best part of the episode was the fight scene, maybe because there wasn’t any writing involved, and it didn’t drag, or involve much acting either. Kreuk, for some reason, has a Brooklyn twinge to her voice that a lot of the characters have adopted.

Beauty and the Beast seems like a good idea on paper, but its just that everything else doesn’t follow through. It could be classified as a guilty pleasure if you don’t mind overlooking the fact that the show tries so hard to do everything that it ends up doing them far too over the top. The CW did well with Arrow (at least so far), but unfortunately seems to have fallen short with Beauty and the Beast.

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