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Ninja Toss, a new action/arcade title developed by D-Soft, will be released by BulkyPix for the iOS on November 15. We’ve seen “throwing games” where you play as a ninja tossing out shurikens…well, in this case, the ninja himself is what you’ll be throwing. And he’s not the lightest ninja we’ve ever seen (that’s putting it nicely)!

The chubby ninja goes by the name of Nyam, and he has a fatal weakness…you guessed it, food! More specifically, onigiri, sushi and yakitori. Using a catapult, players will aim to launch this gourmand as far as possible. Nyam will safely bounce off of surfaces thanks to his ample belly, and into said tasty treats whilst avoiding nasty traps, smashing rice balls and collecting their fallen grains.

Being a ninja, Nyam does possess ancestral powers with 6 power-ups and 2 ninja skills available for upgrade. 13 different donuts await, acting as hazardous, or beneficial, to your health as you traverse the 5 different landscapes to stop and destroy ultimate evil in story mode. There is also a survival mode, Game Center integration and hilarious skins to unlock for the pudgy Nyam.

For a first look at the humorous title, check out its first official screenshots below!

I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (w/ major in Games Design) course at Qantm College, Sydney.

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