Uprising44: The Silent Shadows Updates to 1.02

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DMD Enterprise’s Uprising44: The Silent Shadows may have only just been released for digital distribution on September 18th, but they are still hard at work updating the game as can be seen with Update 1.02 released today.  So, what all does the new update do for the game?

Changes made for the game to overall improve it include:

  • New firing sounds for weapons
  • New balance for short firearms
  • New and better camera views for the cutscenes in mission “Tenement under Fire”
  • Plus additional Main Menu information
  • Fixing English subtitles
  • Fixing loading screens
  • Fixing the enemy AI functionality
  • Fixing the main camera functionality

Players can download the patch from the following websites:

  • English Update 1.01 for GreenMan Gaming or Gamers Gate versions (required before 1.02) HERE
  • English Update 1.02 HERE
  • Polish Update 1.02 HERE
  • Czech Update 1.02 HERE
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