Stan Lee’s ‘Verticus’ Unveiled for iOS

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Earlier this week, at the second annual Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, Stan Lee unveiled Verticus; an iOS game currently in development at Controlled Chaos Media. Stan Lee’s Verticus, as it’s being represented, is being produced by POW! Entertainment – of which Lee is Chairman and CEO – and published by relatively new mobile publishers Moonshark.

The game follows new hero Verticus as he descends from outside the Earth’s atmosphere in order to stop an Alien race called the Obliterators from completing and detonating a planet-destroying device called the Cosmic Fuse. The problem is, no mere human can stop it because it’s being built in the Earth’s core. No one except for Verticus. Along the way to reaching, and hopefully deactivating the Cosmic Fuse, Verticus must dodge obstacles and enemy attacks and neutralize them as he free-falls.

Stan Lee voices the ‘Mission Commander’ 
Verticus’ high-tech, heat resistant (and Tron-reminiscent) suit is what allows him to survive travel into the Earth’s core. Stan Lee’s Verticus is “an infinite faller” in the words of Moonshark’s chief executive Matt Kozlov. The game is set up in “phases” with each phase being a loop down, through and back out of the Earth as Verticus repeats this process in order to defeat more enemies and defuse more bombs. The phases will progressively get harder and harder, and was compared by Kozlov to the iOS game Temple Run. Players will be able to upgrade their suit and abilities through the collection of orbs and coins, and can compete for the highest score and longest over all distance traveled with their friends, presumably via Game Center.

To check out a quick first-glimpse at Verticus’ gameplay, watch the teaser trailer below!

Source: LA Times

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