Reimagining the Endgame – Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 has seen incredible success as over 2 millions copies have been purchased. And to what does ArenaNet and NCsoft owe this success to? A video game in the MMO genre must be able to add continual interest to a player from the very beginning. Eventually, there comes a point where a player caps at a certain level and is left grinding at the bit to attain the best armor possible. Let’s see what Guild Wars 2 offers to supplement the lost interest we see in many other MMOs.

From the very beginning, the developers have altered the concept of an endgame by infusing a special event that propels the player’s personal storyline. The player will experience one such endgame after completing homeland quests and proving to be a champion by defeating a boss. Guild Wars 2 continues to envelope these endgame elements throughout the experience to remove the loss of interest and give the player quests and events to continually keep an eye out for.

Even as a player comes closer to capping, dynamic events become larger and giant bosses reach towards extreme. The realization that players will come to learn is that joining forces with friends and strangers is essential. Dynamic events provide challenging situations with much uncertainty that will leave a player trembling when left alone. I mean just look at this mammoth!

Giant bosses and hordes of enemies offer plenty of interest, but exploring all of Tyria can provide its own challenges. As another aspect of endgame, players can search maps high and low for places of interest as well as completing all quests in that area. Don’t think for a moment that you will get away with stomping on baddies in lower level areas. The level adjustment system alters the difficulty of the enemies in the area just so you will receive a decent brawl.

Then after exploring through the game with your character, you can jump into a different race and experience their personalized story. One character in this genre is simply not enough. Every race has a unique beginning campaign that will place you in the trenches right away. A multitude of starting campaigns gives the title plenty replay value.

Guild Wars 2 did not create the wheel of MMOs, but it certainly makes us look at it differently now. Players can now experience endgame elements throughout their experience and maintain interest through dynamic events, exploration, new characters, and a whole lot more. If you have Guild Wars 2, get back in game and let your life essence drain away onto your computer. Haven’t purchased this game yet? Check out our review (here), and join the 2 million others in the fray.

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