PopCap Games Releases Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island

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The next generation of the hit bite sized social game on Facebook, Zuma Blitz, was released today. Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island adds expanded game boards, 110 levels, 10 explosive power ups, player abilities, an all new food system, faster game play experience, weekly tournaments, and an all new Shot Aimer. “We’ve put a great deal of thought and energy into making the Zuma Blitz experience even better on Facebook, and the result is Zuma Blitz: Kroakatoa Island,” said Scott Willoughby, Zuma Blitz franchise manager.  “PopCap has significantly ratcheted up the fun factor with a more dynamic, expansive game board, dozens of new levels, two new power-ups, and a variety of cool new abilities that we believe will make the game more accessible and appealing to virtually all Facebook users, not just the 15 million who’ve played the original Zuma Blitz.”

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  • I have yet to see any long term Zuma Blitz player indicate they like the new version…. and yet I have seen COUNTLESS players complaining… I am in the second set… I think the update sucks… its just not good. I do not like the aimer… I do not like that they got rid of mojo and changed everything around… it plays differently (doesnt feel as smooth to me) and is a bit over the top gaudy in its presentation both in game and prior to starting a game. It will be interesting to see if they will respond properly to the feedback or if this update will end up essentially making people change their habits by stopping playing this game. I am again leading on the latter… if the new version is what I end up stuck with… I think I am going to find other things to do with my time and retire from being a Zuma Blitz player. For now I was lucky enough to try it on my wife’s account so my own account is still on the old version… but once I am forced to convert… that is going to piss me off and change my habits. And Zuma Blitz was the only game that I actually spent some realy money on getting mojo and stuff too, so they not only lose a player, they lose the kind of player that was giving them money at times (on average probably $10 or so a month).

    • I agreen with you 100% This new version really is not as much fun as my past version. I don’t like having to pay far more for boosts etc. I want to be able to choose if I want to play this version of the previous version. I miss my old game and my old ranking.. 4th time master… They can keep this game as far as I can see.

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