Nights HD and Sonic Adventure 2 coming out early October, includes Christmas Nights

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Some of you may remember a certain little expansion disc for NiGHTS into dreams… which was nearly impossible to get unless you were one of the biggest Sega fans back when they were being distributed. The rason for this was thanks to the fact that this disc was only given out through special giveaways or through certain magazines.

Well, now that NiGHTS into dreams… and Sonic Adventure 2 have a release date of October 2nd on the PSN and October 5th on the XBLA, that special Christmas Nights expansion pack will be available to anyone who downloads the HD version of NiGHTS. Aside from the “free access” to content from Christmas Nights, players can also purchase Sonic Adventure 2’s “Battle Mode” for $3 or 240 MSP extra. This battle mode adds in some special Gamecube only content such as new maps and characters. Both games will cost $10 or 800 MSP when they hit consoles.

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