New Worms Revolution trailer, hide your grandma

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Worms Revolution is almost upon us and Team 17 have released another trailer video showcasing some of the unique weapons and giving a very brief glimpse of some of the new environments. There’s nothing like watching a maniacal worm using an old lady to blow up their opponents or a giant water pistol to just blast the into oblivion. The trailer also shows just how far the little guys have come over the years, always adapting to new environments and manifesting fabulous and fun weapons along the way.

Worms revolution will launch on October 10th on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms via their respective online services and is now available through Steam for pre-order. The Worms pre-order pack includes

– Full Game – Worms™ Armageddon – fan-favorite, available to download and play right now.

– Worms™ Revolution Bonus Campaign Missions – test your skills even further with five extra single-player missions.

– Worms™ Revolution Exclusive Fort – add an exclusive fort to your collection.

– Worms™ Revolution Exclusive Hats – customize your Worms with either devil horns or a halo.

– Worms™ Revolution Exclusive Gravestones – mark where your heroic worms have fallen with either lightning bolt or angel wings gravestones.

– Worms™ Revolution Exclusive Speechbanks – change what your worms say, choose from Wild Life Documenter or Reality TV Talent Judge.

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