New Trine 2 DLC Up for Grabs at 15% Off

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Frozenbyte have released the Goblin Menace DLC for the ever so shiny Trine 2, with an opening discount of 15% available on Steam. The gorgeous platformer was first released last year, so now is certainly the time to catch up with the title if 2011’s massive run of mega titles caused you to miss out on a few of the smaller gems.

As for the exact content of the expansion, it will include six new skills, six new levels and (only one) completely new soundtrack. The six skills will all be compatible with the entire base game, opening up the already highly replayable title for just one more go. Fans will already be aware of how many different ways there are to solve the various environmental puzzles in Trine 2 and will no doubt be itching to try out the time slowing bubble, prison box and object magnetization – those should produce some interesting results in multiplayer!

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