Posted by Joshua Spudic on Sep 19, 2012

New PS3 Model Confirmed For Australian, European Release

With the news of a new PS3 model still fresh, the Australian arm of Sony Computer Entertainment have confirmed that the new PS3 model will hit the shores of Australia and New Zealand with a slight difference. Both colours will be available on September 27, which happens to be next Thursday. Europe will have to wait until September 28 for the super slim model.  A 500GB model for both colours will be available at the price of AU$399.95.

The slight difference is the fact that a 250GB model will not be released. Instead, a 12GB flash memory model will be released in both colours for AU$299.95. This will be throughout the Europe and PAL regions. For those who do want the 250GB space, Sony will release a separate HDD alongside the release of the new model. Pricing has yet to be determined for the standalone 250GB HDD. No bundled in games have been announced for Australia or New Zealand, but Europe will receive FIFA 13 with the 500GB model.


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