GoDaddy servers taken down, hacker tweets his exploits

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Hackers have crippled the GoDaddy web hosting firm, taking them offline and essentially affecting potentially millions of websites which use the GoDaddy servers to run their websites from. According to SMH a member of the collective hacking group known as Anonymous has taken credit for the attack, but has not as of yet explained his reasoning. AnonymousOwn3r, the “security leader” for the organisation has spoken of the attacks through Twitter and taking responsibility for the servers outage time which is undetermined.”Hello now yes! all servers #tangodown by @AnonymousOwn3r,” was the message he tweeted and also let everyone know he was working alone not as the Anonymous group.

GoDaddy servers host a whole range of websites, over 5 million in fact which range from auction sites through to media watching sites, all of which are potentially affected by the hack. They have issued their own statements on Twitter explaining the situation to their customers and user base, apologising for the downtown and assuring people they were doing everything they could to get things back up and running. When asked about his motivation the hacker said he was testing their cyber security, and for other reasons he couldnt talk about.


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