Gameplay Trailer for Uprising44: The Silent Shadows Release

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DMD Enterprise has released a gameplay trailer showing off Uprising44: The Silent Shadows in action for its release to digital distribution.  The gameplay trailer, which players can check out embedded below, shows off more of the combination of the Third-Person Perspective and the Real-Time Strategy as the video shows the player character moving through the streets, then commanding others through their binoculars.

Uprising44: The Silent Shadows is based on the biggest civilian uprising in WWII where the Silent Shadows, precursors to our modern day special forces, dropped behind enemy lines to aid civilians in a resistance.  Taking place in Warsaw, it is also the first interdependent computer game based on the incident there.  Priced at $14.99 or 11.99 EUR players interested in downloading the game can find it from Get Games HERE, Green Man Gaming HERE, or Gamers Gate for PC HERE and Mac HERE.

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