Download Dishonored’s haunting “The Drunken Sailor” song for free

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Many of you may remember back at E3, a special trailer for Dishonored was shown off. While this trailer was amazing in it’s quality and helped raise the hype for the game itself, it also contained something that many people wanted to learn about. That is the background music used in the trailer.

Well today Bethesda has not only detailed the song a little bit, but they have went so far as to make it a free download for anyone who wants it. The song is part of an original score created by COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound and Bethesda softworks and is a variation of “The Drunken Sailor” sea song. The song itself can be found as a free download here. Interestingly enough, those who are musically gifted can try and create their own remix of the song by September 28th and maybe even win a copy of the game. Learn more about that contest here.

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