Combining RTS and TPP for Uprising44: The Silent Shadows

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DMD Enterprises have released some special promotional screenshots of Uprising44: The Silent Shadows to show off and explain their decision and explanation of combining the Real Time Strategy and Third Person Perspective.  The idea of combining the two styles made a lot of sense development wise in terms of story as the point was specifically personal as well as large scale fighting.  By having the players start out personally trying to achieve objectives while in TPP until finding a good command post, then switching to RTS to command others.

Ideally, players should have a greater appreciation for what they will be commanding their fighters to do once in RTS mode, having already gone through some of the action themselves in TPP.  Players can check out some of the screenshots in the gallery below to see how the different modes will look in-game, as well as seeing how the game world will look in general.  Uprising44: The Silent Shadows will be released for PC and Mac on September 15th.

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