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Who said Video Games cant be educational; certainly not the team over at Brainworth who have grand plans to change the face of learning using our favourite medium, online Video Games. Beginning with teaching the fundamental and basic concepts of AI, the team plans to extend online learning topics to include subjects ranging from “economics to philosophy” and I’m guessing everything in between. Based in Sydney Australia, Brainworth already have received financial backing from the NSW Governments Interactive Media fund.

NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Stoner said, “The NSW Government is pleased to support Brainworth through the Interactive Media Fund. The electronic games industry has an increasingly important role to play in other sectors such as health, finance and – as in this case – education. A company like Brainworth has great potential to achieve export success, and I hope the assistance offered under the Interactive Media Fund will help make this a reality.” Needing a tiny bit of extra funding the team have started a Kickstarter campaign to make sure that their years of hard work can see the light of day.

I had a look at the video and the whole learning process seems to be done in a way that makes it fun for all ages and levels of experience. Players were taught with visual cues and narrative how to control a snake using python code, eventually reaching a level of coding where the snake controls itself.

Brainworth will be going into Beta soon and is accepting signups from students as of now.

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