Bikini DLC included with early copies of Atelier Totori Plus

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Now that we have a confirmation about the game’s existence, it’s release date and even seen some screenshots of what the title will look like, it is safe to say that Atelier Totori Plus is well on its way to taking the PlayStation Vita by storm with its beautiful visuals and enjoyable gameplay.

Well now it seems that there is even more motivation for gamers in Japan who want to pick up the title early, as Andriasang is reporting that Gust is going to be including some bonus DLC in early copies of the game. The DLC will provide the player with two sets of swimwear costumes, an Angel Swimsuit and Little Devil Bikini. Sounds a bit like Dead or Alive 5’s swimsuit DLC doesn’t it? Let us hope if Atelier Totori Plus does get released in North America, this little treat makes the trip as well.

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