Aliens: Colonial Marines has female characters after all

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Back at E3 this year producer of Aliens: Colonial Marines, Brian Burleson, made the mistake of saying that the game will not feature any female characters despite the fact that females played major rolls as marines the Alien movies themselves. Well it turns out that he was simply talking about the demo they were showing off at the time, not the game itself.

Today it was revealed by Randy Pitchford that the reason the company didn’t say anything about the female characters is simply because they weren’t ready to be shown off yet. In fact, Pitchford stated that female characters will be added into the multiplayer mode and will be just as customizable as their male counterparts. To top all that off, there is even a female co-op character as well.

So, do you believe this was always in the cards over at Gearbox or was this something done to quell the fan rage about no female characters? Either way, it is a win for fans of the series and gamers in general no matter what the origin of these modifications were.

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