The Walking Dead Promo Roams NYC

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As a small promotion for The Walking Dead season 3, AMC dressed several people up as Zombies to roam New York City to see if the dead can live among us.

Suffice to say that many screams were heard that day, especially with the news of people going crazy from bath salts and seemingly performing zombie-like actions, such as eating another person’s face off. The dead were seen shuffling through the sidewalks of New York, performing day to day actions from their jobs of driving a cab, to eating a famed New York hotdog.

Some people reacted as any social media savvy person would do – whip out their cameras and take photos. Granted, if a real zombie apocalypse happened, many of these zombies would probably not be ignoring the myriad of fresh flesh, but would people stop and oogle at the fantastic special effects? Or would they be genre savvy and take it as the beginnings of the zombie invasion?

The Walking Dead season 3 premiers on AMC on October 14.

If you are with the DISH Satellite Cable provider in the US, they have dropped AMC (and thus, The Walking Dead) from their line up. To find a provider within the US, follow the link provided.

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