Scribblenauts Remix goes Back to School

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Yes, all of you school goers, it’s that time of the year. Time to grab the books and head back to the daily grind for education. It’s not all bad though, as some developers are making life away from school a bit easier. Scribblenauts Remix just happens to be getting an update in celebration of the occasion, and all of you can now grab it while it’s up for download.

The “Back to School” update includes “a free playground where players will be inspired to make wildly creative school related objects such as a “squeamish, psychedelic, school bus,” a “candy-coated, rainbow, chalk board,” or maybe even an “evil, triskaidekaphobic, math teacher.” “. Sound good? Well, if those contraptions make you chuckle, you will also be happy to know that players can access World 9 at no extra cost if they have previously purchased the World Pass. So go, download, and make some chaotic school-themed devices.

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