Rage of 3 Kingdoms Open Beta

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Enough romancing those 3 Kingdoms, a new Free to Play MMO strategy game begins the rage.  Rage of 3 Kingdoms is currently in open beta from publisher RMS Entertainment Studio and brings players back to the Chinese 3 Kingdoms to fight for dominance.  With over 600 heroes from the period, with more than 100 special abilities and unit types, players will have plenty to choose and explore.  Some of the generals are a little harder to get though as players must earn them through different means such as naval scenarios and infiltrating levels, but these can also reward with resources like Crystal and Soul.

Better yet OffGamers is making it even easier to get into the game, offering exclusive Newbie Codes to aid brand new players by providing 100 Gold, 500 Merit, and 2000 Silver to give a little starting boost.  Players wanting to check out the beta for this new experience with the 3 Kingdoms can get access from the OffGamers website HERE.

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