Paper Mario: Sticker Star hits shelves on November 11; other Nintendo release dates revealed

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The newest iteration in the Paper Mario series, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, finally has a solid release date in North America, though given the amount of money people will be waving around this holiday season it should come as no surprise. Alongside multiple other release dates announced today by Nintendo, the release date of November 11th has been revealed for Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Other games given a release date include Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask on October 28th as well as a number of other more simple titles such as Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! and Crosswords Plus on October 1st. Those eager to learn more about Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask can also check out the newly released trailer for the game below.

As a big fan of anime and games I'll be quick to cover anything that happens to be of interest.

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