New From Glu: Tavern Quest & Samurai vs Zombies 3.0

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A new game and an update from Glu today. First up is Glu’s new freemium game Tavern Quest. Players will take on the roll of a peaceful dragon who is tired of being harassed by larger dragons interested in pillage and plunder. This dragon’s real passion is cooking, so he devises a clever plan, open a tavern and attract heroes to defeat the dragon bullies for him. Players will be able to attract over 50 heroes to their tavern to go on quests and bring back cooking ingredients for the tavern. Tavern Quest is free to play and is available on iTunes here and on Google Play here.

Additionally the Samurai vs Zombies Defense 3.0 update was released. The update allows players to play as a Zombie Samurai and attack the samurai. The game features new undead minions and zombie abilities. The update is live on Google Play here and will be released to iTunes later this week .

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