New Contract Mode announced for Hitman: Absolution

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Today during a press conference at Gamescom Square Enix had a new game mode to announce for Hitman: Absolution. This game mode is called Contract Mode and will be an online mode that will allow players to create their own Contracts which will then be available to play by anyone online. Of the contracts created by players, five user contracts will be chosen each week for leader board competition, though the rest will still be available for your assassinating enjoyment.

Players will be able to create these contracts through a method called Play to Create where play style and execution set the rules of the level. To do this players will navigate a level of their choosing and select up to three targets for each Contract. The targets can be anyone they want and their execution method will then be the requirement for a Contract, making it so anyone who plays your user Contract will have to do that same method. From what it sounds like, this will allow players to compete with others on who can be the best assassin by one-uping each others’ contract kills.

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